A Glimpse into Canfitpro 2023 Global Conference & Trade Show Toronto, Canada

1st Day Conference Insights: Exploring Neuroinclusion 


Amidst the dynamic realm of fitness, the Canfitpro 2023 Global Conference & Trade Show has unfurled as a source of inspiration and learning. From August 16th to August 20th, 2023, the corridors of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre have beckoned, offering a journey of enlightenment that continues to unveil. 


We attended the session with Francesca McKenzie; 

Titled, Navigating Training for the Injured Client 


Within the symphony of sessions, Francesca McKenzie’s exploration of training injured clients has proven to be a source of illuminating insights. While the focal point did not directly address neurodiversity, her perspectives on personalized care, multidisciplinary approaches, and safe exercise criteria reverberate profoundly within our neuroinclusion mission. These foundational principles align harmoniously with the adaptive ethos of our Glassbox Fitness -Foundations of Fitness – Neurodiversity Cert (N1-N2), cultivating inclusivity at every juncture. 


We attended the session with Ingrid Knight-Cohee  

Titled, Unveiling the Business Impact of Group Fitness 


Ingrid Knight-Cohee’s examination of the business implications of group fitness stands as a beacon of relevance. While not centering on neurodiversity, her emphasis on inclusiveness and community resounds with our core tenets. This resonance between her insights and our Glassbox Fitness – Neurodiverse Group Class (N1-N2) Certification embodies our dedication to nurturing diverse and united fitness communities. 


We attended the session with Yury Rockit  

Titled: Unleashing the Potential with Wall-Based Workouts 


Innovation often transcends its immediate context, and Yury Rockit’s session on wall-based exercises is a prime example. While his primary focus did not encompass neurodiversity, his emphasis on adaptability and creative engagement strikes a resonant chord with our Glassbox Fitness- Virtual (On-Line) – Neurodiversity Cert (N1-N2) Certification. His innovative methodology aligns with Glassbox Fitness’s pursuit of creating dynamic and engaging fitness experiences beneficial and accessible for the neurodiverse population around the globe.