Online Consultation for Fitness Facility Development


Online Consultation for Sensory-Friendly Neuroinclusive Fitness Facility Development within the GFN-MServ program offers specialized consultancy services. These services are aimed at enhancing the development and effectiveness of fitness facilities at military bases, ensuring they meet the unique demands of military personnel and their families. 

Core Services Offered

Facility Needs Assessment

  • Conducting comprehensive online assessments to understand the specific requirements of fitness facilities at different military bases. 
  • Identifying key areas of focus, such as equipment needs, space utilization, and accessibility, particularly considering the diverse needs of service members, including those who are neurodivergent. 

Customized Facility Planning

  • Fitness space design to provide tailored recommendations for facility layout, equipment selection, and functionality. 
  • Ensuring that the facilities are not only conducive to physical training but also supportive of mental and emotional well-being. 

Advisory Services

  • Expert Guidance on Facility Development: Offering expert advice on the best practices in fitness facility development, drawing on the principles of Glassbox Fitness and PT3 Neurodiversity Techniques. 
  • Adaptation for Neurodiverse Users: Specialized advice on making fitness facilities neurodiversity-friendly, incorporating sensory-friendly design elements and inclusive equipment choices. 

Implementation Support

  • Virtual Walkthroughs and Feedback: Providing virtual tours and walkthroughs of proposed facility designs, followed by detailed feedback and revision sessions. 
  • Resource Allocation Strategies: Assisting in the strategic allocation of resources to maximize the impact and efficiency of the fitness facilities. 

Training and Education

  • Staff Training Modules: Developing online training modules for staff at military fitness facilities, covering aspects such as inclusive fitness training, equipment usage, and facility maintenance. 
  • Ongoing Educational Support: Offering continuous educational resources and updates to ensure the fitness facilities remain at the forefront of industry standards. 

Impact and Value

  • Enhanced Fitness Environments: Creating fitness facilities that are well-equipped, inclusive, and conducive to the overall well-being of military personnel and their families. 
  • Sustainable and Effective Facilities: Ensuring that the fitness facilities are sustainable, effective, and adaptable to the changing needs of the military community. 
  • Promotion of Inclusivity and Accessibility: Championing inclusivity and accessibility in fitness facility design, reflecting GFN-MServ commitment to diversity and comprehensive wellness.