Refund Policy and Course Fee Adjustment

1 – The initial payment for the course (half of the total package price) is non-refundable, as it covers administrative and processing fees.

2 – Participants who have paid for the full operating license and do not pass the practical exam on their first attempt will have the option to receive FREE additional support and resources from Glassbox Fitness Mentors.

3 – Participants who do not achieve a passing score (80% or more) on their first attempt will have another 6 months to re-submit the practical exam.

4 – If participants achieve a passing score on their second attempt, their operating license will be activated from the date of the passing score.

5 – If participants fail to achieve a passing score on both attempts, they will have the following options:

– Receive a partial refund of the license fee (30%) to compensate for the non-activated license.

– Re-register for the entire course, including both theory and practical components, for another opportunity to achieve certification. The full course fee will apply, but they will have another chance to pass the exam and activate their operating license. 

6 – Refunds, if applicable, will be processed within 30 days from the date of the participant’s decision.